Laundry Room Sneak Peek

To say, “It’s been awhile”, would be an understatement! I have been MIA from blogging for several months while focusing on video related content and finishing up the process of building our house. We have been semi-settled in for close to two months and each day it seems I have a new home-related task to conquer! While most of the rooms in our house are far from being finished, I thought I would start sharing some preview images of the ones that are smaller and furnished (to the best of our ability haha)

I love our little laundry room not only for the amazing tile, but also the bright and airy feeling it has. When we chose the floor plan on our house I didn’t even realize the laundry room had a window. As soon as I found out it did, I immediately requested a frosted door so the light could flow out into the mudroom/hallway area.


Of course the tile is the main focal point of this room. I knew before we started building our home that I wanted to incorporate this style of tile into either the laundry room or master bath (Will wasn’t 100% for it in the master bath) so we settled on the laundry room. Surprisingly, it was super affordable despite seeing outrageous versions of it online. We found this particular brand/style at Lowe’s. When it was purchased it was only around 1.50 per sq. ft. - since then it has spiked quite a bit. The last time I checked it was up 10 1.90 per sq. ft. - which is still better than most other retailers!

I haven’t decided if I want to put curtains up yet. I know it seems strange to leave the window exposed but I hate compromising the amazing light! I’ve been tossing the idea of a super sheer white curtain, which really doesn’t help for privacy but luckily we don’t have close neighbors that would even be able to see in.


The temporary hamper situation was pretty much an impulse TJ Maxx buy the second day we moved in. I haven’t 100% figured out the organizational status yet but I knew we needed some dark accent hampers. These were super affordable of course, and I couldn’t pass up the industrial/farmhouse look!

You can’t go wrong with a classic woven basket! This actually houses some of our shoes (shhh…the blankets are good disguise haha). This is also a temporary design element. I think it adds a bit of texture to the room and also breaks up a little bit of the black and white.

Oh, and the detergent/room spray photographed is AHHHH-MAZING. It’s by a brand called “The Laundress”. I picked it up at a local boutique home store in my area. It’s a natural product and has the most divine “fresh” scent!


The little farmhouse light was from Wayfair. I strategically picked every light in our house and this just seemed perfect for the laundry room!

So, this is pretty much the bulk of our laundry room! Right now we have a standard wire rack above the washing machine and dryer to hold supplies. We’d like to eventually have cabinets installed for a more polished look and obviously more storage! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a snippet of the final product! Let me know what room you’d like to see next. I’m thinking the kitchen ;)

xo - Shelbey