How To Make Cold Brew Coffee From Home

Ever since I downloaded the Starbucks mobile app close to a year ago, I’ve been hooked. So much that I noticed I was probably frequenting my local store a bit too much. I’m 100% an iced coffee gal, as a matter of fact, I rarely drink anything without ice. I had tried in the past to make iced coffee from our standard coffee maker at home and something just wasn’t tasting right.

Recently I took to my IG stories to ask readers for some recommendations on cold brew or iced coffee makers. I received a lot of suggestions and immediately pulled up my Amazon app to browse affordable cold brew coffee makers/pitchers. I went with the Amazon’s Choice recommendation which was the Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

I got the cold brew pitcher in a couple days later and I’ve been cracking out cold brew like a mad woman ever since. I’ve been getting some questions about how it works so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show how I use mine!

What You’ll Need

  1. Cold Brew Maker (filtered pitcher) - Like I stated above, this one is a beautiful maker from Bean Envy (on Amazon). You can normally get it for around $25 but there are cheaper alternatives available. This one makes about 5 cups total.

  2. Coffee or Espresso Grounds - Depending on how big your pitcher is, you will need anywhere from 5 to 12 tablespoons of coffee grounds. I would recommend sticking to a dark roast unless you just prefer a super light brew coffee. You can also mix in espresso grounds for a bolder flavor!

  3. Filtered Water - Pretty self explanitory ;)

Step 1: Pour 8-12 tablespoons of grounds into filter


Step 2: Fill pitcher with 4-5 cups of water


Step 3: Leave to Steep for 12-24 Hours (in refrigerator or at room temp)

Step 4: Remove filter and enjoy!


This technique has been a life saver and money saver for me! I love being able to make myself an iced coffee without the hassle of waiting on the coffee to cool off. Do you have a cold brew maker? Anything special or different you do to make yours?

The links to the maker and metal straws are below! I hope this gave you some major inspo to start making your own cold brew at home!