Embarrassing Couple Stories

*This post is sponsored by Walgreens and Unilever Brands. All opinions remain my own.


Will and I have been together for 8 years now...EIGHT. YEARS. So I think it's safe to say that we surpassed the "easy embarrassment" level long ago. Although we've been together for quite some time, we've had our fair share of awkward and funny moments. From dating in our early college years to now being married with two dogs (and a cat), there's an abundance of moments that could easily be thrown on the embarrassment chart. 

I think one of THE WORST feelings when you're going on a first date or just getting to know each other in a relationship is when you show up to a date in a cute black dress or top and have the infamous "white streaks" from your deodorant all down your sides. It's a cringeworthy feeling because A. You have to somehow manage to sneak away to brush them off and B. Hope you're lucky enough to get the streaks off without any residue left behind. 


The past few years I've been noticing deodorant brands switching to "invisible" and "spray" formulas to save people the cringeworthy streak moments. Will and I workout several times a week and we ALWAYS wear dark clothing. Keeping Degree Ultra Clear Spray, or Dove Dry Spray (in my case) in our gym bags is a solid guarantee that we'll leave the gym smelling fresh and also not have to worry about streak marks showing while lifting weights!

I'm also a pretty frequent shopper compared to Will. I always have a mini heart attack when I'm trying on clothes and suddenly realize my deodorant has transferred to that ONE DRESS I didn't like and have to hand back to the dressing room attendant. It's also a big turn off when you're shopping and find the random piece of clothing with white streaks all over it - nobody wants that!


I'm always in and out of Walgreens throughout the week so picking up refills on our favorite deodorants is super convenient. From now until 6/2 Walgreens is having a buy one get one 50% off sale on all Dove, Degree and Axe Antiperspirants - PLUS an additional $2 off coupon for Dry Sprays (valid until 5/31)

Are you a solid or dry spray kind of person? Have you ever shown up to an event or date with the white streaks? We've all been there!