Tips for the "Red Lip" Bride

As a makeup artist of 7 years, I've had my fair share of ladies who take the plunge and go for a classic red lip on their wedding day. Some have thoroughly thought about the idea of wearing a red lip for the big day, then there's the ladies who haven't exactly thought about the "baggage" that comes with a red lip on a special occasion.

These are some of my suggestions and pieces of advice for gals considering a red lip on their wedding day:

  1. Try different reds before the wedding: If you are doing your own makeup on your wedding day, or haven't scheduled a trial with your makeup artist, make sure you test out several formulas and undertones of reds. By formulas I mean liquid lipsticks, stains, balms, cream finishes, satin finishes, matte finishes, etc. Undertones also play a big part in making sure your red lip is flattering to your skin tone. Most reds fall into a cool tone (blue based red), warm tone (orange based red), or neutral tone (both blue and orange). 
  2. Realize there's A LOT of maintenance required: You will need to touch a red lip up SEVERAL times throughout the wedding, unless you go with a strong liquid lipstick or long lasting formula. Give your Maid of Honor your lipstick so you can come to her for your touch ups through out the day/evening.
  3. Make sure you are a "red" kinda gal: There's no doubt that the red lip is seen as a special occasion color, however, make sure it's really a part of your personality or special look before you decide on it 100%. I've had so many bride's who think they want to sport the red lip on their big day, and then when they see themselves in it during the trial, they decide, "Yeah, maybe this isn't me."
  4. Discover the power of liquid lipstick: As uncomfortable as they may be, liquid lipsticks are one of the only guaranteed formulas that will stay in place for the majority of your wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that L'Oreal and Maybelline have been doing "long wear lipstick" formulas for years, I just don't think the color selection is that great! Anastasia Beverly Hills make some of the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried. They're long lasting, don't transfer, and most of the shades are quite comfortable compared to a lot of brands. For a cheaper alternative, I also enjoy Colour Pop's formula!
  5. Does red "vibe" with your theme and surroundings?: Sometime's I will see photos of a wedding where a bride has chosen red for a lip color and I will immediately think, "Hmm I think a pink or a nude might have suited this look better." Obviously this is just my inner makeup artist coming out and I am WELL AWARE it's not up for me to decide when red looks good and when it doesn't. I think seasons really make a difference in the overall impact of a red lip. Fall and Winter are when I LOVE to see the red lip in action (especially for snow weddings). When Spring and Summer roll around, I feel like the festive vibe has lifted and it's time for something fresh and airy. Again, this is just my preference!
Neutralized White Red Bridal.jpg

Are you a bride considering a red lip on your big day? Did you wear red for your wedding in the past? Let me know below! I'd love to read your thoughts and tips.

P.S. - You can check out my full makeup tutorial for this red lip look below!

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