Perricone MD "No Makeup" Makeup

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*This post contains PR samples

Perricone MD recently expanded its "No Makeup" Makeup line to include basically everything you need to create a fresh every day "no makeup" makeup look. Everything is designed for a naturally fresh complexion that still maintains the "no makeup" makeup concept.

The line includes: No Makeup Instant Blur (primer),  No Makeup Foundation Serum, No Makeup Foundation, No Makeup Concealer, No Makeup Bronzer, No Makeup Highlighter, No Makeup Eye Shadow, No Makeup Mascara, No Makeup Lipstick, and No Makeup Lip Gloss

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As interesting as this line is, it's quite expensive; with the No Makeup Serum & No Makeup Foundation coming in at a whopping $60, it's safe to say your "no makeup" look will be quite an investment. Here's a quick breakdown on each product & my thoughts:

No Makeup Foundation

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No Makeup Foundation $60: The No Makeup Foundation comes in a VERY small shade range. 5 shades are included in this lineup. You can expect sheer to light coverage with this product. So in other words, if you need extra coverage, this probably isn't the product for you. I find this foundation to be comparable to a tinted moisturizer. I can't say I feel blown away after applying this. I can think of at least 3 different products I would reach for before this one. For this reason, I can't say I'd splurge the $60.

No Makeup Instant Blur & No Makeup Concealer

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No Makeup Instant Blur $55This is quite an interesting concept that I've seen only a few times in other brands. It's essentially a solid compact primer that's designed to smooth pores and fine lines. Let's face it, there are SO MANY primers on the market now days. I can't justify this being worth $55. It does create a nice canvas for makeup, but in more of a mattifying way, which isn't my favorite.

No Makeup Concealer $27: Coming in at one of the lower priced items, the No Makeup Concealer has the most coverage out of any of the products. I was surprised to find that it had more of a thicker consistency and a solid light/medium coverage - it looks quite nice. I have two bones to pick with this product though... 1. It smells terrible and 2. It only comes in 3 shades! I am a firm believer that if you're going to start a foundation/concealer line, you need to accommodate to ALL skin types. And as far as the scent goes, it's just unpleasant and lingers all day long!

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No Makeup Concealer

Fair, Light & Medium

Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighter


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No Makeup Bronzer $35: This has actually been a cult favorite of mine for nearly 3 years. I love using this stuff in the summer time. It pairs perfectly with a tinted moisturizer or light weight base. It always blends seamlessly into the skin. I would find it appropriate for skin tones ranging from fair to medium tan.

No Makeup Blush $35: I was excited to try the blush from this line since I was already a fan of the bronzer. It blends seamlessly into the skin, just like the bronzer. I don't think I am too crazy about the shade in particular. I would enjoy something with more of a peach hue and a bit of shimmer. 

No Makeup Highlighter $35: This is just something that really fell short for me in the line. I could really only see someone enjoying this who may have more mature skin, simply because it is so subtle. There are many other subtle liquid highlighters on the market that you can get for much cheaper. I just wasn't blown away

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Bronzer, Blush, and Highlight

No Makeup Mascara & Lipstick

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No Makeup Mascara $30: I really enjoy this mascara. It has a spiked rubber bristle applicator and the formula is more of a dry gel base. I find it does a great job of lengthening my lashes. I'd like to see Perricone MD make a brown or brown/black version of this. I think it would be more natural and go with the "no makeup" vibe, don't you?

No Makeup Lipstick $30: I for got to photograph the lipstick but you can see it in my after photo at the top of the post. To me this is just another pink lipstick. The formula is very similar in texture and scent to Mac lipsticks. I don't think the shade flatters me. Something more nude or brown based would have been my preference. BUT if you like a soft petal pink, you may enjoy it.


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Have you tried the Perricone MD No Makeup line? What were your thoughts? I felt many products could be duplicated for a cheaper price but there were a few stand out items!