Building Our First House: Exterior & Interior Inspo

Last month, Will and I started the journey of building out first home together.  After much contemplation on whether to buy or build, we felt the right decision for us was to build exactly what we were envisioning. Our builders are expected to break ground within the next few weeks and we cannot wait.

The style of home we chose is more of a Craftsman (exterior wise). This was definitely more of Will's style. However, I plan to put my own touches on it ;) I've posted some exterior inspiration down below for the color scheme and look we are going for. We've already chosen white board and batten as our primary material. The accent color of the windows and possibly front door will be black. So, basically white and black is the color scheme haha!


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"To Be Determined"

There are MANY interior elements Will and I haven't made our minds up about OR see eye to eye on. A big element we are at a stand still with is pattern tile in the master bath. I LOVE a good black and white pattern tile, but I can't seem to swing Will on it. We have briefly come to a compromise with a classic white octagon tile and he has hesitantly said "maybe" to a pattern tile in the laundry room. Who know's what we will end up with!

One thing we have agreed on is a wide plank light toned hardwood throughout the house (no carpet - woo hoo!) The kitchen cabinet color is another element we keep flipping back and forth on. First we chose white, then it was grey, THEN it was navy; and now we are back to possibly grey. 

It seems there's still a lot to think about before things get started. Any advice? We'd love to hear it!