House Progress

It's been about a month and a half since our builders officially broke ground. Despite having some terrible weather the past several weeks, they've managed to get a lot done in less than two months! We were SO excited to see a footer FINALLY go up on our lot, followed by beams, a roof, a front/back porch, and now doors! It's a relief to see an actual layout of what will eventually be the rooms of the house!

I still have this overwhelming tingle inside of me that wonders what the exterior is going to look like. Our blueprint/floor plan illustrates a totally different color that what we have chosen. The plan originally calls for green siding with heavy wood accents. We are switching things up a bit and going for an off-white siding with black accents and some wooden elements. It's hard for me to pull together an overall image because I haven't seen what I'm envisioning in person. I've swept the pages of Pinterest and Instagram and still can't see an actual real-life version of what we are going for - fingers crossed it comes together haha!

I thought it would be fun to share some progress photos for those of you who have been asking. We don't live far from where the house is being built and it's hard for me to fight the urge to not drive up every day to see what they've accomplished on it. By now, I suspect the people in our neighborhood may think I'm some sort of stalker LOL

Sooooo, as of right now we are just waiting for the siding, windows, and shingles to go on. Each day we get more and more anxious for it to be done but we know it will be worth the wait :)

What was your first home building/buying experience like? I'd love to know!