The "It" Setting Spray

I'm often asked what my favorite setting spray is. After being a free-lance artist for over 7 years I've tried my fair share of makeup setting sprays/mists. There's one tried and true formula I always return to... MAC Fix+.

Some even say that Fix+ was the pioneer for makeup setting sprays, and I have to admit that it was the first one I had heard of when I started getting into makeup. Since then, I've dove into the setting spray worlds of Urban Decay, Skindinavia, NYX, CoverFX, and more. Somehow I always come back to the tried and true Fix+

Fix Plus6.jpg

There's something about Fix+ that doesn't need the gimmicky tagline to go along with it. It does everything a setting mist is supposed to do: hydrate, refresh, tone down a powdery finish, and maximize longevity of makeup. The original Fix+ has an iconic scent that can only remind you of walking into a MAC Pro store. I guarantee if you were to ask most MAC artist what their staple products were, all of them would say Fix+. 

More recently, MAC has released new scents in the iconic formula (Lavender, Coconut, and Rose). I'm really enjoying the Lavendar scent which is funny because I normally stray from anything that has a lavender fragrance attached to it. It's fresh, yet not overwhelming.

Fix Plus2.jpg

5 Reasons Why MAC Fix+ Is Here to Stay

  1. There's no BS ingredients - Despite MAC not being the most natural of brands, Fix+ actually has a pretty limited ingredient formula consisting of mostly glycerin, water, fruit extracts, and castor oil. The glycerin really plumps the skin and also makes for a good mixing medium for other products.
  2. It has been used for YEARS in the professional world - From backstage events to bridal artists, this stuff is almost guaranteed to pass through a makeup artist's kit at least once in their career! 
  3. It can be used for SO MANY THINGS - Not only is it a setting spray, but it can also double as/for a mixing medium, shadow enhancer, diluting foundation, primer, face hydrator, and my personal favorite, body shimmer mist (by tapping a bit of loose pigment into the bottle). It's hands down, one of the most versatile products I own.
  4. It doesn't dry the skin out - A common theme I have found in a lot of popular setting sprays are high levels of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin which can leave you with dry areas or other topical reactions. Fix+ is packed with minerals and oils to keep the face hydrated and soothed.
  5. It just works magic - I always say, no client's face is complete without a few spritzings of Fix+. It completely transforms a fully made up face, and even those who don't wear a lot of makeup can benefit from it. I never travel without mine (I currently have a mini bottle of the coconut scent and it's divine!)
Fix Plus4.jpg

MAC also makes Fix+ in travel/trial size bottles for those who aren't ready to commit to a full bottle. I just appreciate this cult favorite so much. Like I said, MAC doesn't try to play it up with outrageous claims or packaging. The proof is in the pudding with this stuff!

Are you a Fix+ lover?