Our Monthly Chewy Supplies

A few months ago I started using chewy.com to order the dog's (and now cat) supplies. I was hesitant to start because it's not like the pet store is far from us but I thought it might be a bit more convenient to have everything delivered to the house as opposed to going to the store, lugging the 30 lb. dog food bag around, then out to the car, and finally up the stairs and into the house.

I have to admit, the website is very user friendly and you can schedule your supplies to be shipped on certain days or you can place them on autoship (we have the dog's food on a 3 week autoship cycle) and have your supplies sent automatically according to the time frame you choose.

Meet the Doggos


Ollie is a 2 year old Boxer and our first dog as a family. I grew up with Boxers so I knew we were in for a wild ride when he came into the picture. He is nothing more than a big sweet baby. Surprisingly, he has been the calmest Boxer I have ever known. As a small pup he was quite feisty but he has seemed to mature early for his age - don't get me wrong, he has his hyper moments and loves to play! Of our two dogs, Ollie is definitely the cuddler. We joke that his nickname is "The Sand Man" because he is guaranteed to put you to sleep when he cuddles in your lap. 

Puff is a 3-4 year old English Bulldog. We don't know her exact age because she was rescued from a puppy mill situation and didn't have updated paperwork or vet records. We volunteer and foster for a rescue and Puff ended up being our "foster fail". I could go on and on about her story but I think I will save that for another post. She is our dominant chick with an attitude served on the side. It was very clear that Puff was going to rule the roost when we brought her home. She's your typical English Bully: makes her own rules, sleeps most of the day, and stays pretty smelly. Other than the usual traits, she also makes for a good laugh. Something about a chubby dog makes everything they do funny! She falls down a lot, loves to be dressed up, and has her own excitement dance when we come home. She's our Big Puff Mama!

Our Regular Supplies

Food: We have been loyal Taste of the Wild customers ever since Ollie was a pup. We originally started him out on their High Prairie Puppy formula and switched to the adult version when he was a year old. When Puff came along, she absolutely refused to eat the High Prairie Canine formula. We also noticed Ollie became less interested in it (Puff is our dominant gal so we assumed Ollie just followed suit). So we switched "flavors" to the Sierra Mountain Canine and have had great success with both of them regaining their appetite. 

Taste of the Wild is a grain-free/high-protein food. I think it's a great option for those who want a quality food that isn't TOO overboard in price (don't get me wrong, $40 for a bag of dog food isn't cheap but it's a reasonable price point for our family.) Puff and Ollie go through a 30 lb. bag every 3 weeks on the dot.

Fish Oil: We actually discovered this American Journey brand on Chewy. I was originally giving Ollie and Puff store bought fish oil capsules but it got pretty expensive between the two and Puff has a habit of spitting the hard capsule shells out. I purchased the 32 oz. bottle of the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and it's been a HUGE hit. Not only do the dogs love the flavor, it's in a convenient squirt bottle that I can just top their food with. I've seen a decent improvement in Ollie's coat since using it, and Puff seems to shed less. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a quality fish oil for your dogs. It's $19 on autoship and lasts the dogs a little over 2 months.


American Journey

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Dental: I have a tooth brush and doggy toothpaste set for the doggos but from where Puff was a mill dog and didn't have any type of previous dental upkeep, she has developed quite a bit of plaque on her K9 teeth. I found this stuff called "Plaque Off" while browsing Chewy one day. It had great reviews and success stories of removing plaque on older dog's teeth. I immediately ordered it. We have been putting it in the dog's food for a little over a month now and I can definitely tell a difference in whitening. Puff seems to be losing a bit of the plaque built up as well. Ollie doesn't have much so it's harder to monitor with him. I'm going to keep using it for a few more months and if I don't see a drastic change in either of them, I might move to something else. I can't report too much on it yet, considering we are still in the beginning stages of using it.


Plaque Off Powder


So far we have been pleased with the Chewy website. Our products are normally delivered within 2-3 days of ordering (if the order is over $49). It took me a while to figure out the dog's re-order point for food but I got the hang of it after the second go-around. I also love that I've been able to discover brands and products that I may not have normally paid attention to in a large pet store. 

You also receive a small discount for putting your items on autoship (normally it's around a 10% discount.) I would highly recommend putting at least your dog food on autoship, that way you don't have to think about it and you'll save some money!

Do you use Chewy? What are some of your favorite products?

P.S. - Margaux the Cat will have her own separate post since she is also a newer member of the family. We are just now starting on her Chewy orders!