The Natural Volume Look

-This post was sponsored by ApotheCare-

As I get older, I find myself using less and less product in my daily hair care and styling routine. 5 years ago my hair would have been loaded down with a minimum of 5-7 products post-shower and styling. I don't know if my approach has slightly shifted, or if I simply don't have the time/desire to keep searching for a multitude of products that may somehow work a miracle on my hair.

Recently, I was approached to try ApotheCARE Essentials, a new hair care line launching in CVS in 2018. Their approach seemed simple enough: Products inspired by nature, yet powered by science. I've been using the ApotheCare Essentials "The Booster" Shampoo and Conditioner. These two products were made to deliver exceptional volume for fine/flat hair. 


ApotheCARE Essentials "The Booster" Shampoo and Conditioner contain high quality essences of timeless ingredients such as rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera. They're also free of dyes, parabens, and silicones.

Together the products claim to give thicker looking volume and enhancement in natural movement to the hair.

How did it perform with my hair?


I would say the texture of my hair is somewhat of an "in-between" case - not too thin and not too thick. The first time I used "The Booster" Shampoo and Conditioner I noticed a delicate scent of rosehip. The products felt very lightweight and natural. I really enjoyed how clean they felt.

You know how you can immediately tell if a shampoo and conditioner gives you that soft and silky feeling? That's how I felt with these formulas! I didn't experience any tangling or "stiffness" after rinsing... A+!

I generally let my hair air dry to prevent as much heat damage as possible. Air drying your hair will really put a shampoo and conditioner to the test. I always notice if a hair product is too heavy when I let my hair air dry - it's an immediate giveaway! Luckily, all was well post washing with ApotheCARE. I have naturally curly hair and I found I had plenty of volume and softness, even after air drying.


I don't use many styling products after my hair is curled, so it's nice to have some added volume benefits from The Booster Shampoo and Conditioner. I keep a pretty low-key style going on most days (loose curls with texture). Like I mentioned before, I try to to limit the amount of product I use in my hair daily which can be a compromise with having volume.

Final Thoughts

My favorite element of these two products is how silky smooth they make your hair feel while, and after washing. The texture of each product is lightweight and free of any artificial dyes.

If you are looking for a volumizing product that doesn't compromise your routine with a high price tag or unnecessary chemicals, check out ApotheCARE Essentials online at 


ApotheCARE Essentials is currently only on You can find their products online before they hit stores in 2018. How do you achieve volume in your daily routine? Let me know below!